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  1. Peter Brawn

    You guys obviously pride yourselves on all you do. So do we, for over 30 years producing some of the most wonderful coffee in Sydney, can I tempt you?



    • MoVida

      Hi Peter. Thanks for getting in touch. We have no doubt your coffee is good, however we are quite happy with our current supplier.

      - MoVida

  2. Judi Hannan

    Love all the images and look forward trying something like it in Spain. We are walking the Camino de Santiago in October then to Barcelona in November. Have been through Frank’s Guide to a Barcelona. I would like to take my husband somewhere “out there” not necessarily michellin starred for his 70th birthday when in Barcellona can you give me any recommendations? Judi Hannan

  3. Steve Bainbridge

    Hi Frank,

    I came across your Chorizo & Chickpea soup recipe which I would love to cook for my children.

    You mentioned that you like to use Kabuli Chickpeas from the Ord River. I was hoping you may be able to help me as to which outlet/store that I may be able to purchase these from.

    Kind regards and many thanks.


    • Reception Staff

      Hi Steve,

      For the best quality chickpeas, Frank suggests heading over to the Middle Eastern shops on Sydney Road. Look for Australian Ord River brand extra large chickpeas. Frank buys his from Royal Nut Company, just off Sydney Rd.

      Let us know how you go!



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