Recipe: Slowly braised beef cheeks in Pedro Ximenez with cauliflower puree

carillera de buey - beef cheek

Everywhere I went in Basque Country chefs were telling me of the incredible beef grown there. That it was rare, expensive and came from animals that were up to 12 years old and had been fed on grass all their lives. In a grill house on a hill I had the most wonderful chargrilled sirloin,...
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Recipe: Roast Pork belly with quince alioli

This is a roast with salty, brittle crackling covering lays of sweet, succulent pork. The meat is cooked on a bed of vegetables and vinegar and the acid seems to balance out the richness of the fat. It is served with a quince alioli that, although luxurious in itself, has enough fruit acid to help...
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Las Verduras del Mar

On Frank’s last trip to Spain in 2012 he found a new product that he thought would be great for the Australian market. Over a few months, many samples and emails later, our import division sourced Frank’s desired product; seaweed from Galicia. Porto Munios is a family operated company and its founder Antonio refers to...
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Photo by Marina Oliphant

Simple Mussels with Frank Camorra

We love the relationships that we’ve developed over the years with our suppliers. Knowing the source of where our produce comes from and it’s story is such a crucial element to the food we serve in our restaurants. Frank was lucky enough to spend some time recently with Spring Bay Seafoods in Tasmania. You can...
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recipe: Spiced apple and ginger pudding

This recipe originally appeared on the Good Food Website here. This version uses white sugar that you caramelise with the butter, plus lemon juice that balances the sugar’s sweetness and the richness of the cream. Ingredients 125g butter 150g plain flour, plus extra for dusting 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda 2 tbsp water 65g brown...
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MoVida Solera is here

MoVida Solera is here

25 SEP 2014 Andalusia in Southern Spain bears the rich marks of millennia of culinary cultures left by traders, invaders, visitors and religious refugees.

From the hill top towns of Andalusia you look past Gibraltar, across the Mediterranean, to the Rif Mountains in Morocco.

From here came the Arabs and the Berbers in the 8th century who bought with them rice, spice, citrus and irrigation.