Australian Open as Usual

Perhaps it’s the proximity. But for some reason MoVida Next Door seems to be the off court hangout for the off duty players and support crew attending the Australian Open. Over the years we’ve had the big names. The Swiss, The Spaniard, The Czech, the one who had the crazy parent plus a swag of others who sweated it out on the hard, blue, Rebound Ace surface.

They come for the fresh food, fresh from the grower, cooked on the grill, over coals or baptized in hot oil. They have heard about our little Seville style Spanish bar and want to sit at a bar, have a hard-earned, post-tournament ice cold beer, and a plate of mussels fresh from la plancha or some big fat Australian prawns (yes, prawns. In Australia we say prawn. Not shrimp. Shrimps are small. Prawns are big and juicy) cooked over hot coals. Shane Kenny, the Head Chef at MoVida Next Door is also cooking them on the hotplate and serving them with a generous dollop of bisque aioli.

MoVida Next Door is opposite Federation Square on the corner of Flinders Street and the iconic Hosier Lane.

We are open as usual at this time of year.
Tue-Thurs: 5pm-late
Fri-Sun: 12pm-late

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