Bar Tini presents the Basque Region

Bar Tini will be transformed into a traditional Pincho Bar for one lazy Saturday afternoon of Pintxos just like they do in San Sebastian.

To put it simply pintxos are Basque tapas. It’s a snack that you have with a little glass of beer or wine while you’re having fun with friends. Pintxos is the Basque spelling of pincho with comes from the verb pinchar which means to prick something with a sharp object. The pintxos are served on a toothpick, and in the bars in San Sebastian they gather up and count the number of toothpicks to see how much you owe for your meal.

Frank Camorra and Jackson Hunt will be serving up pintxos from 2pm to 5pm and we will be including some classic Basque dishes in the mix on offer for the day. Your ticket price includes all food and three beverage tokens. Alimentaria will be providing the beverages which will include cider, txakoli, beer and much more. Tickets have been released so get in quick!

The details
Date: Saturday July 21st, 2018
Price: $100 for food and three drink tokens
Time: 2pm to 5pm
Venue: Bar Tini, 3 Hosier Lane Melbourne
Bookings: Call 03 9663 3038 to make a reservation

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