Basque Cider House Lunch


It was sensational! This Saturday just gone two oak barrels of specially blended dry, still cider from the team at Napoleone Cidery and Brewery in the Yarra Valley sat on wooden pallets outside Movida Aqui. Guests lined up to pour themselves a glass, lowering the glass to get as many air bubbles in as possible. “It’s just like in the cider houses,” said Frank Camorra as sawdust was being sprinkled to soak up the spilled cider.

Inside guests were tucking in to some really delicious but honest, simple Basque dishes. Chorizo cooked in cider, green peppers with fat anchovies laid over the top. Big rib eye steaks that had been cooked over charcoal then finished in the wood-fired Josper oven were perfectly rare inside. With people coming and going back to the barrels to help themselves this was no ordinary sit down dinner – this was an incredibly social event. With cheese and walnuts to finish it was declared the best Basque event this side of the Bay of Biscay. “That was fun,” declared Frank. “Let’s do this again next year!” See you there.

cider kitchen

Photos courtesy of Jamie Durrant, Essentials Magazine

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