Meet the MoVida Head Chefs

“With a strong team of head chefs with over a quarter of a century of cooking with MoVida between them,” says Frank Camorra, “It makes me proud that we can move our people around our four Melbourne businesses offering them a solid career path in our kitchens.”

Chef Gerard Winter is now Head Chef at MoVida Next Door. He started as a kitchen hand nearly ten years ago. He worked his way up the ranks under Frank and his chefs in MoVida Original and has now taken over the reins at the casual Andalusian style bar on the corner of Flinders Street and Hosier Lane. “It has been great to see Gerry cook his way up the ranks,” says Frank. Come in for Gerry’s selection of freshly grilled seafood.

Heading MoVida Original is Chef Ewen Crawford. He was head chef at MoVida Aqui for many years before developing the incredibly tasty and deceptively simple and elegant bodega style menu at Bar Tini at the beginning of this year. He is moving 20 metres down Hosier Lane leading the well-honed team at our flagship restaurant MoVida. “He uses simple Spanish kitchen techniques to transform the best seasonal produce to create delicious and enticing dishes,” says Frank. “He knows Spanish food back to front.”

Taking over from Chef Ewen at Bar Tini is Jackson Hunt. He is working on the wine friendly menu at our cosy casual bodega menu that includes the very popular cured fish platter, sobrassada with honey, and the croqueta de puchero, a stunning croquette made with pork and beef. “This is as close as you can get to real bodega food without jumping on an A 380,” said Frank with a laugh.

Cooking at MoVida Aqui is Kane Vokoun. He has cooked at MoVida Aqui for half a decade under Frank and Ewen and now takes the lead of the team there. “He loves cooking our classics such as slow cooked beef cheek with cauliflower puree,” said Frank. “He is a natural.” Come and see what the team are serving up this winter.

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