Proud to be a Chef


“I am proud to be a chef,” says MoVida’s Frank Camorra. “It has enabled me to have an amazing life, make a lot of people really happy through MoVida’s great food and wine, meet really good people and have the satisfaction of creating meaningful and interesting work for so many young chefs,’ he says. He and our neighbor across in Federation Square, Taxi Dining Room’s Tony Twitchett, have been chosen as mentors for the 2018 Fronterra Proud To Be A Chef programme. Together they will work will successful candidates in this series of excursions, masterclasses, training sessions and tests that help apprentices to understand sourcing, provenance, kitchen skills, and other essential foundations needed to be a successful, professional modern chef. “I am so looking forward to it,” says Frank. “We need to invest in our apprentices. They are the future of food. They are the future of our industry. I have had apprentices go through my kitchen and now I am eating at their restaurants. That is a great thrill. This programme offers a lot to help apprentices on their way.”

If you are apprentice or know someone who is who would benefit from this exceptional programme look for the application form at

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