The Daily Telegraph review of MoVida Sydney

Check out our first review of MoVida Sydney written by Elizabeth Meryment.

ONE of the more interesting facts I’ve encountered lately is that more people visit the graffiti-filled laneway housing Melbourne’s MoVida restaurant annually than visit Phillip Island’s fairy penguins.

I love that. It proves people are more sensible than I thought. It also shows how much people love MoVida.

It has taken 10 years of pleading from Sydneysiders to get MoVida’s Frank Camorra to spread his wings north to open a Sydney branch of his beloved trio of venues.

It’s no small commitment from Camorra, who has relocated here for six months to open the restaurant and brought with him key Melbourne staff, including head chef James Campbell, part-MoVida owner and group general manager Andy McMahon and floor manager Andrew Jacoora.

They have taken over the old Cotton Duck site, remodelling it in warm yet effortlessly sophisticated style that takes the cliches out of Spanish dining. There are no flamenco dancer murals here; rather MoVida’s Spanishness comes from the warm wooden interior, the crockery that references Iberian earthenware and a seafood counter of crabs and fish, the likes of which you might see in Basque country. It’s lovely and it’s cool.

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