World’s Best Paella

Frank was one of the judges at the 57th Annual Concurs Internacional de Paella Valenciana last weekend. “What I look for in a great paella, after colour and symmetry, is the rice,” said Frank on the weekend, still reeling after eating from 16 different paellas. “It has to be ‘al punto’, or to the right ‘point’ of doneness. The closest thing would be the concept of al dente Italians bring to cooking pasta.”

Frank then looks for taste. The depth of flavour starts with the first second the soffrito starts – a mix of slowly cooked down tomatoes with lots of oil and garlic – right until the final seasoning of salt and sprinkling of parsley. “You might use red peppers in the base for other paella, but never in a paella Valenciana” he said.

“Finally you are looking for the soccarat,” added Frank resting on a well-earned beer. “The bottom layer of rice should have just caught but not burned, more glazed but still crisp. It is hard to perfect but so tasty.”

For the record the winner was Juan’s Paella from Adelaide and they will represent Asia Pacific in the finals in Valencia later in the year.
In the meantime drop into MoVida or MoVida Aqui and see what Spanish rice is all about. We’re cooking paella or arroz specials every day of the week.

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